The full text of every court decision summarized in Maine Lawyers Review is available by fax or mail. To order by e-mail, please complete and send the form below. All orders must contain the MLR reference number that accompanies each summary. Copies of Law Court and federal decisions will be available for 60 days following the publication of a summary in Maine Lawyers Review. Copies of Maine Superior Court decisions will be permanently available.

Ordering & Charges

The fax charge is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 per page thereafter with a $10.00 minimum charge. The mailing charge is $1.00 per page for the first ten pages and 50¢ for every page thereafter, with a $10.00 minimum charge. A $2.00 handling charge is added to mailed and billed orders. Prepaid and
credit card orders have no handling charges.

Mail orders may be sent  to: MLR, ATTN: Decisions, P.O. Box 6663, Portland, Maine 04103. Email orders may be sent to

Be sure your order contains the MLR reference number that accompanies each summary at its conclusion (example: MLR #240-18), the case name, which court (Superior, Law, First Circuit, U.S. District, or other) and your name and address for billing or name and phone number for credit card payment.

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