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November 24, 2023

  • Law Court Addresses Two Tax-Related Appeals
  • Decision on Solar Array in Law Court Turns on Definition of “Public Utility”
  • In Memoriam: Lois Galgay Reckitt, “Trailblazing Feminist Activist”
  • In Memoriam: Parker Alden Denaco
  • News of Lawyers
  • State Court Summaries
  • Federal Court Line-up
  • Amendment to Maine Bar Admission Rule 11A (Admission on Motion): Rule 11A(a)(3) is amended to omit the provision that “[s]tudy in any law school that conducts its courses by correspondence or does not require attendance of its students at its lectures or classes shall not constitute compliance with this Rule.
  • Opinion: Match Tribal “Sovereignty” Rhetoric with Common Sense, by Orlando E. Delogu
  • Admiralty Law: The Jones Act Plaintiff, Part 2, by Nicholas Walsh, Esq.


  • Maine Assistance Program’s Contact Information: maineassistanceprogram@gmail.com, PO Box 244, Wayne, ME 04284; 207-266-5951

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