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May 9, 2024

  • U.S. District Court Suppresses Evidence of Unlawful Search
  • EMS COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate Withstands Challenge in Law Court
  • Maine Superior Court: Contractors, Subcontractors, and Allocation of Liability
  • News of Lawyers
  • State Court Summaries
  • Federal Court Line-up
  • U.S District Court Announcement: Pilot Plan to Assign Civil Cases to U.S. Magistrate Judges
  • TORTS: Representing Incarcerated Victims of Medical Malpractice, by Ben Gideon, Esq. and Taylor Asen, Esq.
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  • Maine Assistance Program’s Contact Information:
  • maineassistanceprogram@gmail.com; 207-266-5951

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