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June 6, 2024

  • Outdated Court Forms Cause Confusion
  • Easements Anything But Easy – in Law Court
  • A Cold Case Appeal and the Constitutionality of DNA Evidence
  • News of Lawyers
  • State Court Summaries
  • Federal Court Line-up
  • Maine Justice Foundation Opens Applications for the 2024 Access to Justice Tax Credit
  • Maine SJC Proposes Amendments to Maine Bar Admission Rule 9(c)(2)
  • Maine SJC Proposes Amendments to Maine Rules of Appellate Procedure as they pertain to: (1) motions for reconsideration of procedural orders and final decisions; and (2) numbering of brief and appendix pages.
  • Torts: Our Most Recent Medical Malpractice Trial, by Taylor Asen, Esq. and Trevor D. Savage, Esq.
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  • Maine Assistance Program’s Contact Information:
  • maineassistanceprogram@gmail.com; 207-266-5951

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